From 1888 to today …

Founded by a group of 34 enthusiasts in 1888, the Richmond Workingmen’s Club and Mutual School of Arts has weathered the challenges of the Great Depression and the Christchurch Earthquakes – to name just two of the events that have had an impact over the many years since then.

The need in the local community for a social and recreational meeting place provided the seeds which let to the formation of the Richmond Workingmen’s Club.

During the mid to late 1880s, the Richmond area of Christchurch was experiencing a population growth spurt which focused attention on the lack of community facilities.

After successfully applying for a charter, the club bought a quarter-acre property next to a school house in London Street.

Read more about the history of the Club in the booklet written for the 100 year anniversary in 1988 – edited by Dion Crooks.

Click on the image below to open the pdf of the history booklet.

rwmc history book